• What is H&N deco metal?

    H&N Deco metal is a specialized enterprise that provides decorative stainless steel sheets, sheet metal processing, metal structure fabrication, and metal decoration engineering.

  • What services does H&N deco metal provide?

    Services vary country to country, but technical assistance and project support are available universally to ensure the highest level of expertise to guide users through their projects.

  • What design possibilities does decorative stainlesssteel offer?

    decorative stainlesssteel is very versatile and supports a range of designs from unique to classic.By changing the panel shape, size,color, pattern and layout , designers can create a custom panel unlike any other.

  • Is H&N deco metal a trading company or a factory?

    We are a manufacturing & trading combo company.

    what we have:

    A 7000㎡ stainless steel mirror polishing factory and an International Trade Company in Foshan.

    A laser cutting factory and a stainless steel material shop in Zhongshan.

  • What kind of equipment in your factory?
    • We have six stainless steel coil mirror polishing processing lines
    • We have six stainless steel plate mirror polishing processing lines which production capacity about 3600 tons per month.
    • We also have two laser cutting machines and 4 Welding / Fabrication / Assembling machines
  • Can I buy stainless steel sheet in H&N deco metal?

    Yes, We can provide you with materials at reasonable prices with our factory advantages.

    Our products :

    • Decorative stainless steel sheet &plate&coil
    • Fabrication of sheet metal
    • High quality stainless steel products
    • Metal decoration engineering
  • What are the benefit of metal product?
    • strength, robustness and durability
    • easy to maintain
    • environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic(prevents the growth of mould, bacteria and fungiSteel)
    • fire safe
    • Good decorative performance
  • How long is the shelf life of the product?

    At least ten years if properly maintained

  • How can you ensure the quality of your product?

    All products have to go through three checks in the whole manufacturing process,it includes production,cutting sheets and the packing.

  • Is there an H&N deco metal expert who can help me with my project?

    H&N deco metal offers expertise at each step of your project. You can reach out to us with your questions, and a representative will respond to you shortly.